PTC (PENALTY TRIVIA CHAMP) was a free trivia soccer game developed by Champ Productions, that challenges your knowledge with over 60 categories and 4,000 questions on past and present football topics.

Every correct answer is a scored penalty while every wrong answer is a missed penalty.

The app’s retro look takes you back in time, reminiscent of the football video games that marked your childhood and youth.

Whether you prefer to challenge your friends or play solo, the game offers an opportunity to win as many cups as possible and become the one and only Penalty Trivia Champ.

This exciting trivia game is perfect for football enthusiasts who want to test their knowledge and relive their passion for the sport.

The servers were shut down in 2023.

  • Multilanguage

    It was available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

  • Ranking

    The game has a player ranking, where won, lost and tied games are averaged.

  • Teams

    Visually there are 5 teams, where we have personalities like Maradona.

  • Stadiums

    The game offers different soccer stadiums

  • Multiplayer

    It has the possibility of facing another player randomly, or via invitation code.

  • Data Collection

    The game collects data from each match, managing prizes and more directly from the server. In this way, fraud is avoided, and vital data is collected for tasks such as evaluating the difficulty curve at each level.

Browser Demo:

Technical Details

Year: 2022

Platform: Android - iOS

Genre: Trivia

Engine: Unity

Programming Languages:  C#, PHP, Firebase, MySQL

Company: Champ Productions