Heroes Epicos


Epic Heroes is a 2D strategy and action game, where taking control of a troop of 4 (four) elite members, we must use their various characteristics in order to neutralize terrorist units and protect the lives of civilians, as well as defuse possible bombs.

The game was created for Android, having been available for free both to play via browser and through Google Play (mobile). In this last store it was available until 2024.

  • Pathfinding

    To navigate, both enemies and players take advantage of the pathfinding system provided by Godot.

  • Field of View

    Enemies have a field of vision to track the player to the last position they were seen.

  • Alert Trigger

    An alert level has been programmed for the enemies, so they will notify other nearby enemies and will continue searching for the player until said level drops.

  • Abilities

    Players can control troops with different abilities, including throwing grenades, long-range shooting, or disguises.

  • Missions

    There are 5 levels to overcome, each with its objectives and story.

  • Community Game

    The game was developed in multiple live streaming, with me having programmed everything, and with the contribution of my followers in terms of ideas and graphics.

Browser Version (Itch.io):

Technical Details

Year: 2020

Platform: Android - Web

Genre: RTS - Action

Engine: Godot 3

Programming Language:  GDScript (Similar to Python)

Personal Project

Github Source: