Making VideoGames in Godot 4: Contra

In this course we teach how to use Godot 4 to create free video games, in a simple way and explained without unnecessary technicalities, seeking the best possible results through experience.

On this occasion, recreating the Contra game, we will learn the basic fundamentals that will allow us to design a platform game (even for 2 players), both basic and complex, understanding the fundamental characteristics to carry it out.

We also recreate the different actors from the first level of the game, as well as the scene in its entirety, including the explosion of the bridge.

Fundamentals of the Godot interface, logic and algorithms are exhibited before different aspects of platform video games, and management of the GDScript language.

With this knowledge you will be able to create the other levels and also most of the 2D platform videogames that you know.

That’s why is so important to learn how to create videogames, creating a classic. Because classic and older videogames, has a lot of features and mechanics. Modern-day games are based on different mechanics from old videogames. Some games, with a simple twist to this type of mechanics, manage to become a success. Thousands have been born from this classic video game, so it is a great starting point for success.

Here we leave a very basic prototype of what you will achieve with this course:


Move: WASD

Start, Shot, Jump: NumPad 0, 1, 2



10 USD


0.01 ETH