Look at this settings to broadcast (stream) in OBS Studio. 

This is useful both for recording locally, and streaming on Youtube or Twitch.

First, you’ve to configure the broadcast settings.

To do this, you must establish a connection between OBS and your Youtube or Twitch account,using the transmission key that you can get from your account website.

Next, we have to continue with the output settings. 

Here we’ll find some transmission settings, but also vital recording settings.

If you look at the image, i choose Output Mode: Simple.

Bitrate, should be based on the speed of your internet connection. Especially in the upload speed. You can measure this from different websites.

My Internet is 1000 MB, but i’ve 30 MBPS of upload speed. So for smooth streaming i prefer to set a bitrate of 5000 KBPS. This will influence on the quality of the video. 

The minimum i have used with a connection of 100 MBPS was 3500 bitrate.

Below you have the recording settings. You’ve to select the path (directory) where your videos will be saved. Also, you’ve to select the quality. 

I choose high quality, and medium size, because i have a decent computer, but it’s far from the best.

Finally, i select the format or file extension.  In my opinion, the format that can be easily reuploaded to any platform, and that is compatible to be opened by almost any device or software, is the MP4 extension.

To take advantage of the fact that we are here, we can configure the audio settings.

Here you’ve to select the device of your microphone.

Don’t forget the Video settings. We’ve to indicate the desired resolution of our videos. At this moment I like 1920×1080.