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A new free game was released recently on the Steam platform, which combines Minecraft gameplay with an MMORPG.

The game has many interesting things, which you can investigate in the link that I left at the bottom. However, what brings us here is being able to share with you this interview that I have done with one of the members of the development team of this great video game.

Let’s go there.

We have seen the great effects of the game, such as fog, rain and others. This surprises me because not even lights or shaders negatively impact game performance. Is it due to having used the Unreal Engine or a special technique?

The UE4 helps a lot, but our mastery of the UE4 is also improving. Performance improvements are a result of our ongoing process and will continue to be made in the future (as we feel there is still room for improvement).

Your game has been published on the Steam platform and is considerably increasing the number of its players. Considering the taxes of each platform. Why Steam and not Epic (for example)?

It is purely because we have a small team and limited energy, so we cannot support multiple platforms at the same time. I’ve also been in touch with Epic and they’re not interested in us at the moment.


The housing and co-house system is impressive, and what is most surprising is the fluidity with which such a loaded server runs. Do you use your own servers or do you rely on services like Amazon, Cloud, etc?


We use cloud computing services such as Amazon and Aliyun.

As a suggestion and question at the same time, we have seen a significant number of decorating, crafting and other items in the game, but the store (which is where you should be earning money) has little content at the moment. Are you planning to add furniture and other products, or are you planning to base your payout system on another aspect of the game?

Our design for monetization is constantly being updated, but this is currently a lower priority than our work on improving game content.

At the moment (at least in English or Spanish) it is difficult to find information about your company on the Internet. Did it take you a long time to develop a game of this magnitude? How many people make up the development team?


We are a game development team of 10 people from China. The game started in 2018. The name of our studio is HIG (unknown, so the Internet doesn’t know much about us)

I see a very good attention from the developers, content, constant updates, events, etc. Personally, is there something specific that you would like to improve or add to the game?

New worlds, new gameplay, support for mobile platforms, etc., are all in our plans (as well as fixing bugs and weaknesses that many players have teased).

I have seen numerous interesting techniques in the video game, from particle systems used for example by skills, the raycast system, collisions, etc. Is there a particular system that has been difficult for you to implement?


The most difficult thing we encountered during the development process was learning the UE4 system, because our team’s understanding of UE4 before the development of the game was equal to zero. At present, we have two biggest difficulties: 1. The development of mobile version. It is a great challenge for our studio to make a GAME with UE4 run smoothly on mobile phones. 2. Our understanding of the interests, game habits and game market of global players outside China is also an area we urgently need to improve.

The system of economy and transactions between players seems to have a life of its own. Do you think that this game or other videogames should or could take advantage of the new economic possibility of NFTs?


I don’t know much about NFT, but I think anything new has its best application scenario, and I support the innovation of the game industry.

Why should players join dragon and home?

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Any message for developers or gamers who are watching this video?

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