Hi i’m iki. Today we’re going to learn how to transfer files to Google Cloud using Filezilla.

As you can see, the first thing to do is download the software from the official website.

I also have to download Putty, to generate an identity key that I will use to guarantee access. The download will depend on the type of operating system and processor you have. In this case a 64-bit processor. Once installed, from the compute engine panel, I select my virtual machine instance.

Now I’m going to edit the settings. For it to work, we must allow HTTP traffic.

Now I need to set the keys with which I will bind a connection. To create it I will use Putty.

A random key will be generated, based on the position of the mouse, so we move it everywhere. You must change KEY COMMENT, entering your email or Google Cloud user. You can see it on the console. And now we save the file as a private key.

Ok, I need the generated key here, so I copy it from putty and paste it. Save the changes.

The next thing is to load the connection data to filezilla. For this we must establish that it will be a protocol of the type ssh.

I must also indicate the IP address. In my case I will choose port 22

Then I set that I will use a file for my key. So now I can load my file.

Finally, we put the user that we also used when creating the key. As I said, it is the same as the one on the console

Let’s start giving this user permissions on our server.

I need to set permissions on the path where I am going to interact

If you do not have access to the root account, you can modify the password by doing the command that I show you on the screen

By preference, I am going to grant read and execute permissions to a certain directory. For that I will set permissions 775.

With this we succeeded. now we can upload files to our server. Remember that we will only have access to the directories where we assign the permissions.

Download Filezilla Free (FTP Software):


Google Cloud Console:


Commands (replace youruser and path if you want):

usermod -a -G apache youruser sudo chown -R youruser:apache /data/www/

Optional Root Command:

sudo passwd