Hi, I’m iki and I’m going to show you how I created a Matrix.

A couple of years ago, I wanted to make my own city, where the characters had their own behaviors.

Thus was born this project that would allow the creation of automaton worlds.

In this way you could see how a society evolves, what behaviors it develops, collect data and gradually improve the Matrix, installing new patterns of behavior.

But creating this is not easy. In addition to a world, we need individuals, who despite being the same must look different. That is why I created the model of the character in black and white, and then through code I will generate an appearance of color for them. In this way we can generically give birth to infinite different characters.

There may be some similar, and even if you search among thousands there may be one almost identical to another … just like in real life.

In addition to giving it an initial generic behavior, they will also make decisions, and these will be based on the experience of each one. In this way, some are going to have a certain job, a certain amount of money, they are going to live in a specific building, they are going to meet certain other citizens, etc.

In order for all of this to exist without chaos reigning, we need some general laws. For example, we need a street system with pedestrian lanes and traffic lights. Individuals and vehicles will advance at each intersection, depending on the state of these traffic lights. And here I mentioned something very important … states … the game manipulates state machines everywhere.

Now, it would be a very static world if only this happens, because in GTA things like that already happen. I need a world that expands on its own. For that the NPC’s will have a work system, where they will be able to earn their own money. This is how I introduced the currency of this Matrix, but I could easily replace it with a cryptocurrency economy.

This is not the only thing. Individuals have to be able to build. An example is what you see here, they are planting trees, which grow as time goes by.

These buildings are just for example, but the reality is that citizens can also build their homes. Some are going to be houses, others are going to serve as carpentry shops, or other services, which in turn will contribute to the society they are building.

An interesting thing that I had designed is the possibility for citizens not only to build their houses, but to expand their lands, building new streets, new land, new lots. While this worked like a charm, I had to disable it as thousands of villagers expanding without horizons, creating lands everywhere, made my PC explode a bit. Perhaps that explains why our planet earth has limited space, perhaps we are part of a machine with limitations? …

To give it more content, I added a couple of elements to it. One of them is a day and night system, with lights.

This allowed me to add some light advertisements, to give life to the city, and also have the possibility of using advertising.

The reality is that the first project I had implemented was that in each building there was a photograph of children lost in real life, which are still thousands of unsolved cases.

My noble work was overshadowed by laws, which probably require certain consents from each family to include these photographs, therefore I had to leave that idea in a version that I ended up filing.

I also thought about the possibility that citizens can be transported to different spaces quickly. That is why I implemented the base and movement of an airplane, which in the future would house passengers.

Apart from this, I had created school students, as well as parties on the terraces and some Protestants … but I have them in some version, saved in who knows where

I put this project on hold in 2017 for another big project called Bolikas Marble, which I will show you in another video.

Do you think we live in the Matrix? Tell me in comments, or even tell me what you would add to this binary world.